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monitor audio apex aw12
Monitor Audio Apex AW12.
Cine en Casa. Marcas y productos. Cine en Casa. Monitor Audio Apex AW12. Información sobre disponibilidad. Añadir para comparar. Subwoofer activo de 12"y" 500 W. PRODUCTO DESCATALOGADO Y AGOTADO. Saltar al final de la galería de imágenes. Saltar al comienzo de la galería de imágenes.
Monitor Audio Apex serie luidsprekers.
Monitor Audio produceert al sinds jaar en dag alle onderdelen in eigen beheer. De beroemde Gold Metal tweeter zag in 1988 voor het eerst het levenslicht en de techniek achter de tweeter uit 1988 vormt nu nog steeds de basis voor de C-CAM gold dome tweeter uit de Apex serie.
Monitor Audio Apex AW12 Subwoofer.
Monitor Audio Apex AW12 Subwoofer. Monitor Audio Apex AW12 Subwoofer. -10 Click Image for Gallery. Compact, front-firing 12" Subwoofer with C-CAM driver and a 500 watt Class D amplifier. Combines the best of Monitor Audio technology in a stylish, compact, cabinet finished with aluminium side trims.
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Monitor Audio Apex AW-12 handleiding.
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Monitor Audio Apex AW12 review What Hi-Fi? What Hifi. What Hifi.
The Monitor Audio Apex AW12 subwoofer shows the company's' usual care being taken over the design: in a world where subs are often ultilitarian black or grey boxes, the elegant AW12 is an exception. Mind you, that shouldn't' come as a surprise: after all, this subwoofer is part of the Monitor Audio Apex speaker system, winner of our 2011 Award for Best style speaker package £2000.
Monitor Audio Apex AW12 - Subwoofer - Zwart - Feelslikehome.nl.
Voor een krachtigste laag zorgt de volledig nieuw ontwikkelde Apex AW-12 actieve sublaagluidspreker. Ook in de grootste ruimtes, dankzij de 500 W versterker. Bestel Monitor Audio Apex AW12 - Subwoofer - Zwart online bij fonQ. Alle Monitor Audio producten uit voorraad leverbaar.
Monitor Audio Apex AW-12 - derbesteKlang.
Monitor Audio Apex AW-12. Monitor Audio Apex AW-12. Monitor Audio Apex AW-12 - 500 Watt Basspower, wunderschön verpackt. Der Subwoofer Apex AW-12 ist so etwas wie der Wolf im Schafspelz. Ein kleines und elegantes Gehäuse beherbergt ein 12/30 Zentimeter Basschassis, angetrieben von einer 500 Watt Digitalendstufe.
Monitor Audio Apex review TechRadar. Tech Radar. Tech Radar.
Most people wouldn't' expect to pay over £2K for a compact speaker system, but then Monitor Audio's' Apex is anything but average. It's' a slice of pure audio luxury, with each speaker housed in a precision-engineered enclosure and furnished with some of the best driver tech Monitor Audio has to offer. The system on test here includes four A10 speakers, which handle front and rear-channel duties and stand just 250mm high. They retail for £275 each, and that's' before you've' even added the bespoke stands at £250 per pair. They're' joined by the A40 centre and AW12 subwoofer, £425 and £900 respectively.

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